Exchange Policy

How to Exchange your Arkay Piece

  • Arkay does not process any refunds.
  • Arkay only accepts exchange requests made within one week of receiving your item.
  • If you wish to exchange your creation, you will need to contact Arkay directly.
    • Whatsapp: +971508881327
    • Email:
  • Our team will provide you with shipping documents as well as a link to pay for the shipping costs (Arkay is not responsible for paying for the shipping or customs costs incurred).
  • Upon receipt of the shipping documents you have 7 days to exchange or return your Arkay piece in a new and unused state, in perfect condition, with all protective materials in place.
  • We strongly recommend you keep note of your return tracking number which is located on the documents provided.


  • Arkay will not accept a returned item if the creation shows signs of wear, has been used or has been altered from its original condition in any way.
  • The exchange request must be placed within 7 days of receiving your item.
  • The Item must be shipped back within 7 days of receiving your shipping documents.
  • If you do not wish to purchase a new item immediately, we will issue you a store credit that can be used within 3 months.


  • All Arkay pieces have a repair warranty of 2 years from the purchase date
  • Arkay will repair any item that has been damaged.
    • If you were delivered a defective piece we will cover the cost of the repair & shipping
    • If the item was damaged under your care, we will repair the item for a fee
  • Arkay is not responsible for the shipping charges incurred when sending an item back.
  • Arkay reserves the right to provide the client with a price estimate depending on the severity of the repair.
  • If the piece has been repaired/altered by a 3rd party our warranty becomes void.